Unmatched Style

Welcome to Society RVA.

As two guys hungry for success, we decided to take all our knowledge and put it into the Society brand. Our restaurant and night club are unmatched in the area for style and quality. This is the first venture together and has gone very well. So it’s our plan to expand the brand even further into other restaurants, clubs and ventures.

We have a clear vision about what we want to achieve and are passionate about what we do. So we hope you enjoy your stay if you come to check us out and any feedback will be greatly received. Although we are new to the business, we are learning as much as we can as we go along. So there might be a few mistakes on the way but they won’t be repeated.


This is a difficult market to enter and we know that but with our dedication and eye for detail, we know we can be the best. Our standards are high and we expect the same from all our staff.